Automatic Hydraulic Bollards

Swaraj Secutech presents India’s first indigenously designed and manufactured Automatic Hydraulic Bollard. The bollard has been manufactured keeping in mind the corrosive nature of the tropical Indian climate. All parts of bollards are galvanised to prevent corrosion and smooth functioning even when submerged in water.

To give a fine balance between aesthetics and security, all bollards come with an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel sleeve and stainless steel top plate which easily merges with the environment. Our bollards are fast and ideal for properties negotiating heavy volume of traffic. With Spare kit a part of our standard supply, after sales service is always our priority.


Safety is most important to us and we provide dual safety mechanism:

Infrared Sensors for human safety: If the bollards are coming up and a human or animal crosses the sensor, the bollard will go down.

Magnetic Loop Detectors: For Safety against cars in

a way that if the bollards are coming up and a car crosses the sensor line, the bollard will immediately go down, thereby preventing damage.

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  • Product range are world class
  • Highly qualified & experienced professionals
  • Simple to use and extremely easy to customize
  • Complete customer satisfaction
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  • Huge practical experience
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