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Visitor management system
You probably struggled to answer at least that last question, if not the one before. And if you could answer them at all, you likely had to pull out the binder that holds your visitor sign-in sheets or find the old Excel spreadsheet in your shared drive and manually count the entries.

Visitor & Material management system and Contract Workers Management System, which is supposed to meet with the requirements briefed by them. Based on the information provided for the system to be designed and developed, a study of the requirement has been carried out and during the study we have establish all the basic requirements for the system. The entire study was focused on the information, functional and behavioral domains of the proposed system development.

This document would provide the complete overview of the proposed system design and development covering technical and operational details. This report is developed as a consequence of analysis done solely upon the information provided. Review is essential to ensure that both the parties have the same perception of the system.

This document is the outcome of the System Requirement Report phase of the project. The purpose of this document is to:
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